Track and Field is not generally viewed as a dangerous sport, but every once in a while crazy things happen. That was the case on Saturday at the Robison Invitational when BYU’s Katy Andrews was competing in the 3000 Meter Steeplechase and got tripped up while attempting to jump the water barrier. She went head over heels into the water pit, hitting her head and bruising up pretty much everything else. I just happened to be there with a GoPro HD Hero 2 waterproof camera shooting video for a review I’m writing of the camera, and it caught the whole crash in High Def. I was also shooting stills with my Canon 1D Mark IV at ten frames a second, and the still images give you a different perspective on the crash.

I wasn’t going to share these photos and videos because I didn’t want to embarrass Katy, but a couple of days later I saw this video that Katy posted a video of the crash on her Youtube page which was shot on a cell phone:

The video went viral immediately. I contacted her and showed her the GoPro video and my photos and she loved them. She gave me permission to post them on Youtube, and since then things have been crazy. She told me that she’s been getting a lot of calls from newspapers and tv news stations interested in telling the story. She even made ESPN Sportscenter’s Not Top Plays as the number two slot. What has been so cool is the feedback that we’ve gotten. People tell us that they are really proud of Katy for 3 main reasons:

1. She took a brutal hit, got up and kept on going.
2. She was smiling at herself even before she got out of the pit.
3. She was the one who uploaded the video, which shows what a great attitude about the whole experience.

Of course the best news is that she’s feeling better and should be back out on the track soon. Katy Andrews is now officially the toughest athlete I know.

Here is the sequence of photos from the crash shot at 10 frames a second:

All photos and video © Copyright Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo 2012

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